Why You And I Have A Social Obligation To Care For One Another

and aIf you can't give unconditional or at least aim to meet that bar - what makes you think you deserve it?

You Might Disagree. Infact – Most These Days Are All About Self-Love. That’s Fine, But Not Before Cleaning Up Our Trash Littered.

Angelic Woman at rock bottom with the most clear view of the light.
“At rock bottom ~ you would have the most clear view of which way to go” – TMM

I learned something amazing I want to share .

I was meditating and I looked
and I saw,
in the same way we have litter and pollution

-there are things that are emotional toxicity to each of us, it gets put out there constantly and I have only seen a few who clean it up, but I hope there’s more who do clean up and I hope we all can learn to spot it

Simple small things that many of us dont even pay attention to, or consider the impact
It’s like tossing a plastic wrapper out the car windowit adds up
I’m talking about..

like when I see people laugh with friends at someone,
and go on like its nothing just because it’s common practice nowadays to troll.

I see the hurt in the other. It hurts everytime

Or when we see someone who’s hurt and we provide them masculine energy logic, instead of holding space for them caring and listening to them.

I wouldn’t have even understood this if not for someone amazing doing so for me today.

When we see trash in nature, we pick it up. It’s not out of our way, and generally the only thing we risk is our pride and egos getting hurt.

In my life I have always appreciated when another has sincerely cared, and in my experience everytime I’ve dropped my barriers to be sincere to another who was in emotional turmoil – they melt. and appreciate me.

We all do this.

We all can tell when others are not treating us equal or treating us through 3D human dynamics. -That hurts.

Maybe some don’t care but i believe the heart always feels it.
We are all connected. When we ignore the suffering of others we risk too much.

Thats like walking by soda can plastic rings on a beach where turtles lay their eggs

– if we walk by brushing it off like not our responsibility – we are choosing whether there to be certain outcomes or not.

As someone who’s been on the bottom end of this aspect, I can tell you from experience – there is no rightful justification.

It is wrong to put ourselves as more important than others because -with enough people doing that we would have mass shootings. As we do.

We all have a responsibility for each other and to each other.

It’s not hard, it’s natural to give care and love to others.

If you can’t give unconditional or at least aim to meet that bar – what makes you think you deserve it?

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