The Story of Plethora

Or the Story of Myriad.

Or perhaps, “The many-many lots-of-lots”.

In all “reality” – if we can have the audacity to ever claim we know of such – this is a place and means for me to record my understandings of what knowledge has come my way.

This knowledge has come through many ways – all of which we can authenticate as experientially – but none of which should be taken as “exact“. After all, the Universe only allows for any specific understanding of anything to be first found within, and then seen without – as a elemental factor in one’s life that has been bluntly in one’s face, generally a lot, and always ignored.

As the reader can see on this site through a former post – There is no beginning – I will choose to start where I feel best.

Where all the “people” come from.

A very blunt statement, vague, and draft. So let’s add some context.

As we know (or aught to by now), there is no such thing as “death”. The Soul is immortal, and existence is forever. And Human’s might be created through a vast array of promiscuous excuses, but the SOULS of humans didn’t just “come to be”. They chose to be. WE chose to be, and our bodies aren’t “ours”. They are Earth’s.  

We could state also that our bodies “aren’t ours, they belong to GOD”  but when you but a name or label to something that actually applies to everything, the name loses meaning (and is insulting to the actual true meaning as it encompasses), like when people use and throw around the word “energy”. What a pointless stupid word.  All who repeat the phrase “everything is energy” as a response to any time anyone says the word “energy” are literally dumbing down and slowing down the advancement of understanding of energy, by brushing off the topic with a meaningless statement while trying to sound smart

Smart” is only a term the insecure and judgemental use to excuse themselves of their sloth. No one lacks capacity, and all can know and learn oceans of volumes – IF GIVEN THE COMFORT and FAITH and SPACE. 

Souls travel from everywhere to come here, 

and to do that and align – obviously this would require a platform to match and “fit” their characteristics.

As such, in the times of each of Humanity’s “early” cultural beginnings, certain groups of Souls from their homes, would specifically travel to live the lives of Earth’s people dependant on genetic format. This synch would be of what genetic emotional-memory has been recorded and made-suitable, and what Souls as Clans, Species of Beings, families, and Personal growth desired of the Identity of each Soul particularly.

This is an aspect and perspectival view we could see it as, if we choose to tell the story as though time were specifically linear – but – the story of experiential awareness is not limited to this, nor subjected to this perspectival view point.

Everything is subjective to perspective, and the choice to SEE one’s “reality” in any-sort-of-way is precisely the foundation of creation itself. 

If you seek, you shall find.

– Every Mystic that ever lived

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