Headed by Jessica Regan, an amazing story of awakening became an iconic theme, as all over the world more and more people began to witness the synchronicity event of 11:11

Jessica Regan

July 23, 2016 · 

Written by Jessica Elizabeth Regan

Eleven Hailstones

I’m by your side in the storm, as you feel all cast upon you
Hear my words, spoken in tongue, warmer and drier than your sun
It is what it is, never fault fate, when it’s done, it is done
Still, the ice forms from the dew that was created just for you

You’re not alone when I’m alone, our 1 and 1 aren’t 2
Forces multiplied by the one that hides, revealing subtle clues
A riptide flowing will pull you out, if you only feel the current
A disturbed surface will struggle, when best assets are lies, strengthening the torrent

Time can’t tell you anything, though time will surely fade
For when you let yourself feel all of this, that is when green skies will rain
So feel all of it, as the green sky cries, washing away your pain

I applaud what I adore in you, right down to my core
Your smile lifts my spirits high then your broken heart trips me once more
So what’s it all for if you don’t get back up, when and if you fall?

Said love does not mean a thing unless that loves with them
Your love must not be strong enough, and so it I condemn
Learn from me, I teach it well, when it is for you
You might not be with me now, but this day is not yet through