Everyone just wants to be loved

A Tail of Too Many’s . . and Everyone Just Wants to be Loved.

Everyone just wants to be loved.

Did you know, that a newborn baby will die if it’s not given human touch and compassion within the first few minutes of it’s life after birth?

Strange isn’t it? That the very things that unite us in universal aspect are the exact and very things that we ignore from our experiences as individuals.

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Ahh, you’ve cleverly noticed haven’t you? The italic words in the sentence above ^

Yes you got it, the two words themselves

universal, and individuals — are specifically contradictory.

What a paradox

After all, it’s our individuality that makes us unique, specifically beautiful, “perfectly imperfect”, and every other hippie-sounding gumdrop name.

I was born of “hippies”, and a lot of us were from my age, but I guess the term is subjective, and pretty much meaningless when we look at the grand scale of things, UNIVERSALLY.

“Well then you gotta love yourself first”

This one has been a maze for me to get around. A maze and a half. If you can handle the psychological talk — read on — but, if you think it’s boring go ahead and skip this part. *cracks knuckles* Well then, the first aspect is — of course we love ourselves! .. Right?..

Not exactly.

There’s a tough cookie to chew on here so we gotta milk the Akashic, aka YouTube/Google/Bing- or whatever else passes as #truth these days. Personally I like to stick to the wisdom of the greats.

1. “I am aware of my ego, so therefore I am not my ego” — Mooji

2. “ As Within so Without”— The subtle lesson Socrates states hinting that you cannot understand the outer world except if you have understood that depth within first.

3. “Projection is one of the commonest psychic phenomena…Everything that is unconscious in ourselves we discover in our neighbour, and we treat him accordingly.” — Carl Jung, Archaic Man

I’m going to leave this at that for the reader to meditate on. If you can’t figure it out you can buy it from me for $20 — BUY Explanation.

So then where’s all the love?

During an interesting chat with a friend today we muddled around the concept of “unconditional love”. The spiritual community has always used the term —which of course itwould — but lately ever since the movement seriously started picking up the term unconditional love has been flung around like a hot potato and proudly at that to hold it long enough to toss it.

None other than those who dared to use the term “unconditional love” as a theme in group name

have mashed more potatoes.

I would know, as a member of *Unconditional Self Love Twin Flame Community, I started my whole beginning with them- COMPLETELY coming from a place of ego. It was pretty bad. Technically I still have loads of ego as I go through my healing process, but don’t we all. There was a gathering bunch of people who were all about that drama towards him. I suppose word of that passed down and I can’t seem to find who told me about him, but someone said there was a man who was a lot like me. Naturally, my ego got excited to meet this stranger. I quickly found his haters with ease, and to my surprise — their arguments against him were exactly ones I had faced myself the past year. I personally can’t ever stand people talking behind someone’s back, I prefer to do it to their face or to their face. If I do talk about another person behind their back it’s in practicality with no judgement or blame or accusation or assumption on intent. Those are the tools of a narcissist. So, I stood up for the guy- Ryan Jordan.


  • In the spiritual movement, egos are not less — but MOAR (yes spelled like The CHIVE style).
  • One of the greatest tricks of the narcissistic, are to stand by someone strong and leadership-material of which they themselves lack, and talk psycho-banter hoping to fit in. Then when their time is right they weave a web of accusations, blames, and fears through the ears of everyone else in the circle (I was victim to this so many times. Don’t blame them, they’re programmed by years of mainstream news programs. Just choose and follow your intuition.)
  • People like to project. As in PROJECTILE vomit insecurities. Actually this one is in general, you just start to see it more in spiritual circles.

Ryan was a trip to meet, always running around and I do gotta say, just like me he got things done.

He was a little like me, but not really. His group and team were succeeding in a huge amount of ways. Much has changed since then, and ironically.Unconditional Self Love Twin Flame Community
Unconditional Self Love Twin Flame Community has 17,717 members. Ryan Jordan Infinityblueprints.com Becomeinfinity.com…www.facebook.com

We gotta hand it toRyan Jordan, he sure hit the nail on the hammer with that one, WHATaName. Hahah Cleverly rockin’ that SEO whammy, and smashin’ it with the graphics design, this group pulled out some new tricks that nobody seen beforehand, DESTROYING the “competitive” market of the spiritual arena. Humbly of course. The MOST humbler-est. And just as so — has had it’s mailstrom of drama.

People ask and preach in every group platform, but here they focus on two-major-key-aspects of the human heart:

  • TRUE AUTHENTIC ONENESS — which is self love


Photo by Annie Gavin on Unsplash
Photo by Leonardo Sanches on Unsplash

And tickets are on sale-

Hey we do live in this age, with this current Earth, with this current system. We all have to either survive or we will die..

but the goal = strive + thrive!

Why not try to make it fun? Maybe even challenging as the group through The Infinity Team compartmentalizes basically all the world-wide stigmas and religious nuts, as well as one or two looney-toons to weave simplicity into oneness.

Wow that sounds beautiful.

I write that? Or was it channeled?

Regardless of anything, it all gets pretty simple when it comes to the goal: Unconditional love.

You see with that, each and every one of us face ourselves again and again and again in each other to unravel, unwrap, and unmask the ego within (and without) us all.

One thing is for certain and for the tough-skinned: Nothing is as it seems.

Just do me, you, and everyone else a favor and don’t go all religious-righteous on us crying“burn the witch!” with pitchforks… It would be ironic and I’d say you’d reaaaally lose some cool points these days — given the fact that everyone-and-their-Mama-is a witch pretty much. I’d love for you to go and ask someone! Go ask their Mama too and I’ll bet you quarters-to-nickels that if you dropped the dime one time on a Gaia loving, Vegan Moving, Chakra Cleansing, Pendulum swinging, Tarot card reading, Sun-Conjuncting Wiccan-Warlock-Mage or Astro-chart-reading-Page, or EVEN Numerologically calculated Sage:

…you’d get some sixth sense talked into ya

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