We can only understand another to that same depth of which we've discovered within ourselves, emotionally. In essence, to understand another at all takes just that - empathy and compassion for the fellow human being, and for life as any living entity itself.

(Disclaimer: This article is written purely from a subjective standpoint for the sake of a scientific method in approach, and I as the author hereby state  I am not associated with any specifically vegan, political, or economy group or organization. Although I have briefly taken a part in all aforementioned themes of movements, at this time I am no longer affiliated with any of those stated. I’ve found all to be inevitably that which is in it’s own way. The following is an attempt to conjecture reasoning from discernment, and any verbally “thick” additives is merely a means to convey humor, in hopes for empathic understanding. Thank you for providing that.

On being humble, and to empathize

december 7, 2018
by Shaun T. Villafana

To, “drink milk and forget the cow”

refers to the all-too-human attribute of happily being obtuse of the suffering or forcefulness we cause on others, while forgetting and turning a blind eye to it entirely as we joyfully lavish in the produce reaped. It’s a psychological aspect, it’s not so easy.

And who can blame?

Blame is never listened to, and many of the groups I’m in on Facebook agree that – it takes a man or woman of real character to admit when they’re wrong or accept shame. Not exactly a thing anyone likes to do, but in aims towards authenticity – we all must, many times in our lives, do exactly that. 

Still, this is a psychological aspect. We can easily measure this, but even more evident – we can all witness and experience this many times in our lives: 

No one listens to blame.

– every vegan’s experience as they blame a carnist.

 The Vegan could be right by all means of logic, and correct in all scientific reasonings and yet still – the carnist will only get angry, project blame and judgement back, and try in effort to mock and make fun of the opposer in order to satisfy the inner emotional-subconscious dissonance at play. I would know, for years I studied and watched the phenomenon, but for the sake of science and as a show of how much a science this is, without you having to just take ‘my word’ – I’ll even stop typing right now in order to search for a prime example. 

(ten minutes later)

Simply watching the expressions of each other, emotionally expressed, is a perfect example.

That didn’t take too long at all. 

At ten minutes roughly, here is a prime example I’ve found put together by www.vegansidekick.com. Now, I’m not vegan just so it’s clear. I was vegan, and I may become vegan again, and my reasons are my own. Perhaps any vegan readers can empathize with some ex-vegans and I, perhaps not, but if not, it would be specifically ironic to us. 

If we can read this subjectively and understand – this is not a blame game nor an effort to “judge”, “mock”, or denounce anyone of their rights to their values. This is about all of us being honest and taking a subjective look at ourselves in our emotional input to the very ordeals we take any stance in.



  • Shaun I like this Article and for a speed readers first go at it, it’s TRUE to fault. The argument between vegans and carnies is thee BIGGEST one trending today. I get the vegans stance, but the carnies haven’t a leg to stand on. The vegans on the other hand come off a bit presumptuous and Bougie to say the least, that if you consume any meat or dairy products your are in direct lineage to beelzebub himself. That is a horrible weight to carry every time fork hits cheek. It’s not like the majority was born vegan from a knowledgeable parent with all of the information and technology that is offered today. I just think the vegans should lay off and come from a teachable standpoint instead of fear mongering. What say you? Great piece by the way

    • Trai! You sly fox you that is brilliant response! You humble yourself so much towards me but this whole time I should have seen it, you are a genius! And I see myself now, thanks to your patience with me, yes, the vegans should come fro a teachable standpoint. I have a lot to learn from you and I’m sorry I didn’t see it before <3 You are an amazing teacher <3 That is something I lack, but wish to be, and I see the wisdom you have shown me this whole time .. it wasn't through words, it's through patience <3 Thank you for being in my life to teach me this Trai, I love you

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