Reality Is Based On Consciousness: The Story of The Houses 1-3

In science we faign to approach scientific method while stubbornly only using the same tools in order to measure reality – Quantum Physics – in presupposition that we are wrong about the data which we gain and gain again.

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Why You And I Have A Social Obligation To Care For One Another

and aIf you can’t give unconditional or at least aim to meet that bar – what makes you think you deserve it?


エンジェルダウンロード 三 -団結と人類

The message of all suicides and homicides essentially are the voice of, “I care,   and it matters.  It mattered to me.
I wish you cared too.  You should have.”

Maybe we should care.

Everyone just wants to be loved

A Tail of Too Many’s . . and Everyone Just Wants to be Loved. Everyone just wants to be loved. Did you know, that

Freeway to Heaven

   On the Freeway to Heaven, there are no dividers. The path to Oneness and Truth is vaste, infinite. It

The Story of Plethora

Or the Story of Myriad. Or perhaps, “The many-many lots-of-lots”. In all “reality” – if we can have the audacity


The Beginning.

There is no such thing. Get over it.



We can only understand another to that same depth of which we’ve discovered within ourselves, emotionally. In essence, to understand another at all takes just that – empathy and compassion for the fellow human being, and for life as any living entity itself.