For some of us, this may look familiar.
For even fewer,
these words may read familiar.

What are your beliefs?

Where do you stand?

These questions are important

as the firmament of your life and daily experience. 

The Truth speaks in all forms

through all living beings

through every man, woman and child

and even through shows on T.V.

(Yes. Cartoons too.)

The “Strawberry Angel with a Smiley Face Halo Strawberry

The truth may come to you even through a chainmail

…sent through messenger

..asking you to ~“please send to 14 other people”…





and then saying you are a 

‘Strawberry Angel with a Smiley Face Halo Strawberry.’

The Strawberry Angel with a smiley face halo strawberry 

Some may hear that and say..

“RIDICULOUS! ..a Winged fruit-a-berry?! I am insulted!”

and turn red with anger..   – They, would be insulted..

(Don’t be hurt or upset back,                             they need love the most.)

Some people might just say-


-and smile because it’s funny.


Some might simply not get it. 

But still try to get it because they are always there for their friends and want everyone to be their friend

These people are goofy (#Libras most likely lol) and could be Angels themselves! Don’t judge them. They don’t understand Earth.)

Some might hear it and say,

“Who meee?” it lifted their spirits and gave them wings for their heart to fly!

And yet…
-in each and every one of them,

whether they disagree,  


think it’scrazy‘,          

or simply just
    .. don’t understand..
if you just…

☆ Look for the silver lining

( Not always actually silver, it could be orange and if it is ever that, then that would be funny! hahah! tag Trump in it! Hahaha)

☆ Have a sense of humor and smile

(Sometimes if you’re really silly and do it with a straight face without smiling – it makes it even funnier! – but not always, and it’s nice to smile too)

☆ Have patience with everyone

(It’s not just a virtue, it’s also secret superpower invisible glasses that let you see angels too)


choose to be as a child


then you will always find the truth,

you will always hear the truth,

you will always trust the truth,


..and you will find,

that in every word you hear

and in every gesture you see

and in every relationship you have

and in every soul you meet..


if you only just have faith – the size of a strawberry seed



~  you  will  always  know  that  the  truth,  

is  love 

from   the   heart



and it is always trying to meet you there ♡